With many surgeries and treatment plans, prices can quickly get painfully high. We provide affordable, quality surgeries and vet care, and have saved our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars on services such as:

Because we understand that it can be difficult to find an affordable option for second opinions, we offer second opinion exams for only $45. 

How to Schedule Your 2nd Opinion Appointment

To schedule your appointment, just call us at (817) 617-7387 or request your appointment here. All we need is your paperwork from your vet regarding the diagnosis, treatment, or surgery and we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us within 1 month of your initial diagnosis.

Please bring all medical records from your past vet, in order to help us quickly diagnose the issue and provide an estimate. We may recommend further testing or provide a different diagnosis. All 2nd opinion exams do require a 1st opinion from a vet regarding the issue.

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