Our affordable parvo treatment estimates typically end up in the *$400 – $600 range. We also offer payment plans – check to see if you qualify here.

Parvovirus is sadly common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At Low Cost Pet Vet, we see cases of Parvo throughout the year. It’s deadly, fast-acting, and expensive to treat. If your puppy has been diagnosed with parvovirus, we recommend immediate treatment. The quicker your puppy is treated, the better their chances. Call us at (817) 617-7387 or book your appointment online.

Our goal is always to prevent disease – which is why we provide affordable parvo vaccinations. However, once your dog has parvovirus, vaccinations can NOT treat parvo

We provide pet owners an affordable option for parvovirus treatment. Our staff has extensive experience with treating parvovirus, and our compassionate, skilled veterinarians can work with you to provide information and options for affordable parvo treatment.

Affordable Parvo Diagnosis & Consultation

Our office visit and exam is only *$45. We make it as affordable as possible for you to come in and get information about your treatment options.

If you suspect your pet may have parvo, please call us and book an appointment. If we can’t see you that day, we will likely recommend an emergency clinic. Parvo is very serious. Delaying treatment not only puts your pet at risk, it also makes treatment more expensive later.

Our clinic is not currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you suspect your pet has parvo, immediately take them to a vet. We also see pets with parvo for follow-up treatment and care.

Affordable Parvovirus Treatment

Your affordable parvo treatment plan will depend on your pet’s condition when we see them, and how they respond to initial treatment. We offer outpatient parvo treatment, meaning we do not hospitalize and monitor the pet overnight. We can often treat parvo on an outpatient basis for under *$500. Frequently, for under *$400. 

Our parvo treatment is no different from what any other clinic would do; but we have a thinner profit margin. Our goal is to allow even clients with tight budgets, in tight situations to bring their pet through parvo. We know that no pet owner anticipates their pet facing parvo. It’s an emergency, unplanned situation. We understand sometimes clients can’t spend thousands of dollars on treatment. Our affordable parvo treatment options allow you to get your pet the care and treatment they need.

We also offer payment plans, which you can see if you qualify for here.

If you suspect your pet has parvo, PLEASE call us immediately at (817) 617-7387. Parvo treatment is less likely to succeed, AND more expensive the longer you wait! 

Quick Facts: What You Need to Know About Parvo Treatment

  • Parvo is most common in pit bulls, rottweilers, german shepherds, and labs. They’re more likely to get it and less likely to recover.
  • One parvo vaccination isn’t enough to protect your dog. They have to get that vaccination at least twice. Also, once your puppy is exposed to parvo, vaccinations WILL NOT help the puppy get better.
  • Treatment can easily go over $1,000 at other clinics. We keep prices low, but it’s still much cheaper to prevent than treat.
  • About 20% of puppies who receive treatment still die from parvo. This includes all cases, so that doesn’t necessarily mean your puppy has a 20% chance of dying. Your puppy’s chances depend on their situation – and how soon you bring your puppy in. But the disease is very deadly, and not all puppies make it.
  • Parvo sticks around your environment. Once you have a puppy with parvo, you must disinfect everything (with bleach), or other pets exposed may catch parvo too.
  • We’ve successfully treated parvo before, and we are ready to help you with your puppy now. The sooner we can see your pet, the better. Don’t hesitate. It doesn’t cost much to come in, and we do have payment plans you may qualify for. It’s not worth it to wait! Call ahead at (817) 617-7387 to check our availability for quick, affordable parvovirus treatment.

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*All pricing is an estimate and subject to change

Parvovirus Treatment FAQ

What Causes Parvo?

Parvo is very contagious. Dogs can get parvo from other infected dogs, but they can also get it from contaminated objects, people, clothes, shoes, water bowls, and even contaminated soil. Because parvovirus is so difficult to kill, it can stick around in the environment for up to a year. That’s why we recommend annual parvo vaccinations in DFW to make sure your pet is protected.

What If I Can't Afford Treatment?

Although we provide affordable parvo treatment, we work with many clients who are on a very tight budget. We currently partner with Scratchpay, which offers quick loans and payment plans for your pet’s treatment. You can check to see if you qualify here.