Welcome to Low Cost Pet Vet! We began as a small family business, providing affordable preventative care through vaccination clinics across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As we grew, we saw an increasing need to provide more. Many clients asked for a vet clinic near their area that could see their pets for other health issues.


Finally, we launched Low Cost Pet Vet, located near Home Depot, right across 183 from the Irving Mall. We’re right in the heart of Irving and DFW, providing comprehensive pet health care at more competitive prices.

At Low Cost Pet Vet, our doctors, technicians and receptionists come together to create a friendly, compassionate environment. We work to help you make well informed decisions about the health of your pet, and find an affordable solution that brings your furbaby the care they need. 

We offer a variety of services. While our goal is always preventative care to keep your pet from getting sick, we see pets for everything from tumor removals and heartworm treatments to dogs coughing and cats sneezing.

Nothing is more important to us than seeing your pet happy and healthy. That’s why we encourage preventative care with affordable vaccination packages. We also offer payment plans through Scratchpay to ensure the most options for your pet’s care.

Drop by to say ‘hi’! We love seeing our patients (especially at their happiest & healthiest!).

Low Cost Pet Vet is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.

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