Convenient Pet Health Payment Plans

Low Cost Pet Vet is a proud partner with Scratchpay for convenient, stress-free veterinary payment plans for all our clients. Whatever your budget, we can work with you to build a payment plan that fits your situation and establishes the highest quality care for your pet.

What can I use pet health payment plans for?

Scratchpay allows our clients to build pet health payment plans for everything we do – from your annual pet wellness check up to extensive surgery and treatment plans. We keep our prices low and affordable, but we understand that sometimes clients need plans in order to give their pet the highest level of care.

We recommend taking advantage of our pet health payment plans when facing services such as:


How do your pet health payment plans work?

At Low Cost Pet Vet, we always provide upfront information about package prices and treatment cost. Our goal is the highest level of care for your pet, but we also want to work with our clients to establish a payment plan that works for them.

Scratchpay allows us to build custom payment plans based off of the estimated amount and your situation. Since it only takes a few minutes to check if you qualify, we recommend asking us about our payment plans at our clinic. We’ll build an estimate for your pet, then walk you through the process of creating a custom payment plan through Scratchpay. Clients may be eligible for rates as low as 0%.

Am I eligible for your veterinary payment plans? How can I check?

Our clients are free to check if they eligible anytime! Checking does NOT affect your credit score, and only takes a few minutes. Finally, our staff are ready to walk you through the process!

Apply for a Scratchpay Pet Health Payment Plan

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